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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Practice

Developing trusting relationships with patients

Endless hours in the clinic and the doctor's office, tension and fatigue in the 24-hour on-call at the hospital, the sense of time is often lost in the everyday life of the modern doctor.

What should not be lost or degraded today is your systematic contact and activation on social media.

If one attempts to "measure" the power and dynamics of social media one will find oneself in front of incredible numbers of users covering a wide range of ages among them and prospective patients looking for valid medical information, reviews and very often the doctor they will see address their problem.

"Facebook has 2.93 million monthly active users, of which 1.98 billion on a daily basis"

Social media has entered every aspect of our lives and has greatly affected it. The health sector and its operators, especially doctors, are no exception.

After all, at a time when everyone and everything depends on the internet, the modern doctor could only have a constant presence there.

Doctors can use social media in many ways to enhance and expand their business, stay in touch with their patients, inform the public, and with a simple marketing strategy collect a high return on investment.

Among the hundreds of millions of users who "circulate" on social media are also patients with whom they can meet and often communicate more comfortably than in the environment of the doctor's office, where an emergency can cause the doctor to rush and she with the in turn the patient's embarrassment and dissatisfaction.

Interaction with patients

Patients seem to be looking for their doctors on social media, as the latter contributes, according to research, to a large extent to the way they choose a doctor or nursing facility.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 41% of patient respondents, or about 1 in 2, reported that social media content influenced their choice of hospital or doctor.

So before making an appointment with you many patients will do their online research for information and advice, look for reviews on social media and then make up their mind.

If you are not there, they will turn elsewhere...

Valid medical information

Quality content with accurate and valid information and attractive texts and posts that "go up" at regular intervals on social media platforms, is the key to building relationships with your patients. Useful, interesting and above all correct content shows expertise and builds trust with the audience.

In addition, through your activation on social media, you have the opportunity to hear the patient's voice, their questions and concerns about diseases and treatments.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing of your practice is included among the priorities aimed at the development of your professional activity. The truth of the word is confirmed by examples of your colleagues, such as dr Mickail Varshavski, known as dr. Mike, who has around 23,000 followers on social media, is the top doctor influencer in the world.

And he's not the only one...

Healthcare may not be social, but people are. For this reason, social networking platforms and their management concern both modern and traditional doctors.

Facebook remains the largest social networking platform worldwide, being an excellent meeting point for patients and prospective patients. Linkedin is also an ideal platform for professional communication. YouTube is also heavily searched for medical topics.

Social media management is part of a company's marketing strategy, regardless of how many channels it uses. So an experienced social media manager can help you create and schedule content, posts, interact with followers, monitor trends and measure return on investment.

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