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Rank First on Google

Rank First on Google

Your degree, prominently displayed in your office, shows your very good grade and your postgraduate education guarantees the high level of knowledge and service you are ready to offer to your patients. And your scientific experience is invaluable.

But Google, the modern distributor of an incredible amount of information, doesn’t know this, which is why it doesn’t prioritize you high on its search list.

The digital marketing and website seo services offered by your specialist medical marketing digital agency can get you “high up” in the google ranking lists, so that more patients can find you.

Attractive & Functional Website

With 1.8 billion websites “jostling” for a good Google ranking, you first need an attractive, user-friendly business-medical website, which will be the vehicle that will support your strategy.

Also note that your website must be mobile-friendly as well so that it can get into the search engine results.

In addition and research shows that users and potential future patients of yours prefer mobile-friendly websites.

Also don’t forget to include full contact details in prominent places on your website.

“Research shows that about 3 out of 4 patients search for a doctor, dentist or medical services online.”

SEO Strategy

The benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the practice and of course to the doctor are significant, as it helps you stand out and attract patients.

When we talk about medical SEO we mean optimizing your web presence in order to attract more patient users.

A solid SEO strategy on your website is the key to climbing high in Google’s search engine listings.

The seo expert of our digital agency will take care of researching the keywords and editing texts based on specific keywords, which are derived after SEO, in headings and subheadings that are deemed necessary.

Of particular importance for the doctor and the practice are also external backlinks, which refer to authoritative and reliable sources, such as scientific literature.

Targeted & Easy to Understand Medical Content

Good, quality content with useful information that answers your patients’ questions will “convince” Google to raise your medical website in the search engine rankings.

In addition, obscure medical terminology can be made accessible and familiar to the public who need to learn and understand medical conditions and medical procedures.

By creating text relevant to your specialty you inform your patients and potential patients, attract them to read and convince google of the usefulness of the content so that it will show up in the results!

Technical Issues

Apart from SEO, it’s a good idea to check technical issues that may be slowing down your rise in google rankings, such as speed or poor experience of your website. A slow and difficult website drives users away in a few seconds.

Professional thoughtful SEO can translate into real benefits for the doctor and more specifically to:

-More potential new patients

-Building trust with patients through authoritative and quality content

-Competition through more cost-effective means

The Results of SEO on Google

Like reaching any top, reaching the top of google results takes effort and patience to pay off. It will take professional work and waiting a few weeks or a few months to see results in improving your organic ranking

The keywords represent users’ google searches.

No, you should not have “copy paste” products on your site because it will lower your SEO score. And of course, you might run into problems with the owner of the other site…

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