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Client Story

Facemed Clinic

Facemed Clinic, during the course of our cooperation, developed its clientele by 300% over the course of two years


Athens, Greece

Company Size

30 Employees

About the company

At Facemed Clinic we believe that every person is unique and should not be hindered
from reaching their full potential.
We like smiles and diversity for this and believe that mental health depends
from physical well-being since our body is a temple and it is necessary to treat it with respect.
Despite everything, low self-confidence and anxiety about our appearance, prevents us from finding
our best selves. Facemed is here to help you find yours!

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The challenge

The technological infrastructure of Facemed Clinic was old, the texts of its website were baddly written without keywords and not optimized at all, there was no measurable data as a result of which there was no knowledge if the actions they did had a positive or negative effect on the search engines as a result of not there is progress in their digital presence.

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How did Top Medical help?

We did a comprehensive analysis, redesign and creation of the website and its corporate identity. The Facemed Clinic website was created entirely from scratch and measurement tools were incorporated for better and more careful data collection so that the right decisions could be made for the development of the company's digital presence. At the same time, a management system was implemented for a better image of online appointments. We proceeded with the redesign of the company's social profiles and ran campaigns on all digital channels with targeted audiences resulting in the creation of brand awareness.

The Results

Facemed Clinic was a demanding project with many challenges, during our cooperation we managed to increase traffic along with digital sales by 300% with 360 marketing strategies where we targeted all digital channels from Google Ads and Social Media Ads as well as Advanced SEO techniques.

At the same time, the texts of the website were checked and analyzed, resulting in the change of the keywords used by all of them in combination, resulting in an increase in traffic from 4.000 visits per month to 50.000 over the course of two years.

We target keywords

The main reason for the success of Facemed Clinic is the keywords, we always put a lot of emphasis on the analysis of the keywords and this makes us stand out, thanks to the analysis and implementation done by One Medical experts, the user can easily and quickly find in search results of Facemed Clinic services.

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