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Οργανικό ή Πληρωμένο Marketing: SEO & Διαφήμιση Ιατρείου

Organic or Paid Marketing?

The "heart" of your practice's marketing beats on your website.

The higher it "climbs" in the google ranking lists, the more clicks your potential patients get.

The path you take to the top of the search engine results has two options:

  •   The organic results (SEO)
  •   Paid marketing (online advertising)

Both tactics have the same goal, namely the attraction of potential patients and the promotion of the practice and are important elements of a modern marketing strategy.

After all, there are not a few times when the two paths meet, i.e. one option is complementary to the other.

Organic Traffic & SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a modern and very good way to gain the attention, the trust of google and with it a good position in the ranking lists.

The strongest advantage of organic results is that it is a free process, but it is a long-term investment that will take time to pay off.

Quality content to your target audience is the core of your marketing strategies to increase organic traffic to your website.

Primary, engaging content builds trust between potential patients and the doctor until they finally reach your practice.

Το content marketing «χτίζει» σχέσεις εμπιστοσύνης με το κοινό και απαιτεί συνέπεια και υπομονή μέχρι να σε ανταμείψει.

And the reward always comes, since the website traffic of those who choose content marketing is about 8 times higher on an annual basis than those who did not include it in their company's digital marketing plan,

Our medical marketing digital agency will help you organize and implement a strategy to increase your organicity by leveraging the power of SEO, starting a blog, creating video content and using organic social media marketing.

The Right Marketing Choice

By measuring needs, defining objectives and weighing costs and benefits, you can choose which marketing proposal best suits you at a given time or even decide on a combination of the two options, which proves to be a dynamic strategy.

The Top Medical team is here to discuss with you, to solve all your questions, to suggest the best proposal and to support with their knowledge and experience every choice you make.

Organic marketing refers to non-paid strategy and tactics aimed at attracting patients and promoting your practice. Similarly, organic traffic is the visitors that arrive at your website from non-paid sources.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly how Google's algorithms work and what the next update will predict. However, everyone is aware of its desire to constantly improve its ability to distinguish between excellent and mediocre or inferior content.

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