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The Modern Doctor in the Age of Digital Marketing

Are you a Doctor of your times?

Marketing strategy definitely wasn't in your master's degree, and SEO wasn't in your major either. But the digital age puts its own rules in marketing as well.

Το digital marketing becomes the ultimate tool to develop your practice and offer your services to the people who need them, to "build" a relationship of trust with them, to leave behind the stress that the visit to the practice and examinations may cause.

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Classic Clinic Promotion

A few years ago patients read magazines while waiting in the doctor's lounge, today they are busy with various applications on their mobile phones.

The sign outside the doctor's office informed the public about the doctor's business activity, and the doctor only had his professional notepad in front of him on the desk.

Modern Promotion & Digital Marketing

Today the potential patient frequents the internet. There he spends many hours of the day online, looking for what he wants and needs.

The active presence of your practice on the internet and social media, SEO content, Google Ads and above all your medical identity (brand - logo) and Brand name are basic actions of digital marketing that will bring you closer to your patients.

Recognizable Medical Brand

Brand and reputation building, your staff medical brand name that is, it is decisive for your scientific career. In fact, it is the first step of your digital marketing strategy.

Many people think that when we talk about brands and logos, we are referring to top-of-the-line companies such as Apple or Nike.

The truth is that branding, i.e. the design of your brand - medical identity, will make you stand out from the competition, regardless of the financial size of your practice. Today's patient is demanding, has developed critical thinking and researches before making a decision.

Your unique medical identity (medical branding) is the one that states why you stand out from your competitors.

Your Clinic on the Internet

The modern doctor needs to take care of his online image which can attract more patients to the practice.

So as a scientist you need to have one that is valid, well designed and easy for the public to use medical website.

A stylish, easy-to-use and functional website, which is often the first impression the public has of you, will help your potential patients "meet" you online, get information about you, understand the services you provide and make an appointment.

Your website must include your logo, your name, your clinic's contact information, as well as your link to social media (facebook, instagram, etc.).

Also note that your website must be mobile-friendly in order to appear at the top of search engine listings, such as Google.

At the same time, the presence of your practice on Facebook and in general on social media is imperative.

The numbers speak for themselves, as 80% of internet users appear to search for health information on social media.

Create valid SEO content

By creating texts - blogs on your website, which you will enrich with valid and interesting content, you create a relationship of trust with your patients and with your potential patients.

Medical terms are "difficult" and complicated. Share medical content by simplifying the medical topics they care about, solve their queries online and give them useful information.

By even applying SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) using keywords in your texts, you drive your website even higher in the Google search lists, reaching even more the audience of patients you are interested in.


Advertising & Google Ads

Advertising on Google is another digital marketing activity, which brings significant benefits to your practice. Google Ads is Google's most popular advertising platform, which appears at the right time on your computer or mobile and takes you to Google search results pages.

When someone sees your ad and clicks on it, they are taken to your own website - a digital clinic.

The digital marketing it is the vehicle that leads you to the development of your practice. All you have to do is follow it to be the doctor of your time.

Why is keyword research important in SEO?

Keywords are the foundation of SEO practice. Without them you will not know what your patient audience is looking for and consequently how to optimize your website.

Why is blogging considered valuable?

"The content is king" as it is usually said among SEO experts, who point out that valid content, and in our case medical content, is an important way of communicating with your prospective patients.

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