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EHR Medical History

Patient records are going out & the EHR system is coming

The "a to z" in the organization of the practice is the file with the medical history of the patients. As long as α is not well "hidden" at the bottom of a huge drawer and ω is "climbed" in some dexion type storage system.

In the traditional doctor's office, files are crowded with patients' medical histories, exam notes, observations, and underlines that the doctor needs to provide the best possible care to his patient.

They are the well-known individual files of the patients, their file, their medical history, the most valuable medical "tool" for the doctor at every appointment.

The modern digital age is less "loaded" with papers, much more organized and efficient for the practice that has a patient management system (Electronic Health Records - EHR)

What is EHR Medical History?

EHR is an electronic management system that integrates electronic medical records and patient medical history. Over time, all the patient's clinical data that can contribute to dealing with their health condition at any time are gathered there.

Laboratory data, imaging test reports, medication, potential problems such as side effects, past medical history, everything contained in the classic patient record is automated by the EHR for the doctor to decide on the treatment.

In addition, the EHR allows you to store files more easily, study the data and medical history more easily and schedule the next appointments electronically.

The program, which aims at the adoption and integration of digital technologies in the production process, is expected to be published by the end of the year, when we will know if its actions are also addressed to the medical community.

It should be noted that the competent authorities of ESPA have recently received many requests requesting a modification of the condition of the program which sets as a condition the employment of 5 people in 2021, in order for someone to be able to submit an application for inclusion for funding.

"Digital Transformation" marks the start of the implementation of the new ESPA 2021-2027 through which the Greek economy will be strengthened with a total of 26.5 million euros.

EHR Medical History & Use by the Doctor

The EHR system is valuable today in the daily life of the practice and the doctor.

Its first and main advantage is the improved quality of health services, as:

-The diagnosis is documented immediately and accurately

– Treatment starts quickly

-Medication is monitored for any side effects

-Prevention is implemented and monitored more easily.


-Daily life in the doctor's office is now easier and more efficient since your secretary only needs a little time to type a record, instead of searching between folders and papers to update the patient's individual file.

-Space is saved, since full cabinets and drawers are emptied for patient files, as well as hours of office assistants, who spend less time finding and then reorganizing patient records.

Of course, a change from the traditional to the modern way of organization is accompanied by financial costs, as well as the necessary training of the staff.

However, weighing the pros and cons the decision is positive for the doctor, the practice and quality in health care as a whole.


"The new technology also leaves behind all the proverbial phrases that accompany the written character of doctors..."

The cost is a small investment that definitely has its own ROI in the quality of the health services you offer.

Consistency in updating files is a basic condition for their accuracy and value. It requires much less time than manually updating patient records.

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