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eShop Creation

E-commerce, a vital part of the huge e-business market, has changed the traditional way of buying and selling in the pharmacy and also in the doctor's office.

What is a digital Clinic-Pharmacy eshop?

The web clinic-pharmacy (eshop) is a complete transfer of your services to the internet, in cases where this is possible. When we talk about an eshop, it is not only about digital promotion or marketing actions, but about a complete operation with sales, purchases (not medicines in Greece), payments, making electronic appointments, issuing documents, etc.

Creating your online eShop, pharmacy and doctor's office

Basic steps in creating your online pharmacy or medical clinic eShop are:

Advantages of online shopping (eShop) transfer

The advantages of your online pharmacy-practice eShop, as a business model, are many and important, among which are:

The eShop solution is not the same for everyone!

There is no single platform for the development of electronic pharmacy or medical practice eShops. The professionals of Top Medical will help you choose the best solution (eShop) for the capabilities and needs of your own clinic-pharmacy and will recommend the appropriate "tools" for its promotion and building trust with customers-patients you.

Medical business model of the future

The possibilities of online appointments and eShop pharmacies are developing rapidly internationally but also in Greece, e-consumers and online purchases in eShops are increasing as well as their value.

The prospects of e-commerce are synonymous with the future and the modern doctor-pharmacy that can take advantage of them.

Grow your Practice today!

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